Come one, come all, come if you like to dress up and ride bikes...

The Christchurch Tweed Riders are a group of semi-unorganised, like minded individuals who like to look dapper and ride old and old style bicycles about. Anyone is welcome to join a ride, but there is a strict no carbon and no lycra policy. The punishment for either indiscretion will be merciless mocking and perpetrators having to shout the first round of drinks on the ride.

Photographic Evidence

Journey along Lake Forsyth

Gale force winds lashed the intrepid Tweedsters that turned up for this out in wild ride. We had an excellent turn out with 11 new riders joining the fray and a motley collection of regulars to guide them into the head wind. It turns out Journey along Lake Forsyth was not really accurate, a more apt title would have been "Painful slog towards Lake Forsyth with the pin pulled when a number of riders could no long remain a top their steeds due to gales." A bit more of a mouth full. Defiant, but defeated by the wind the brave crew turned and flew back along the trail and convened at the Tai Tapu pub for sustenance and the regaling (see what I did there) of the epic battle with the elements. Great fun was had by all and later naps were had by many.

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  1. Looks like a fun day. Everything appears well outfitted, including ladies, gentlemen and bikes!